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Hannah Collins - Before and After Weigh Down
Hannah Collins – Weight Loss of 30 Pounds
January 28, 2019
Never Quit
Never Quit
February 25, 2019

Come and Experience It for Yourself!

Weigh Down Presents – Come and Experience It for Yourself!

Hunger and fullness. Two common words that from the outset seem too simple and superficial to have any long-lasting effects with weight loss, correct? When you combine this strategy, however, with a true relationship with God, YES, permanent weight loss becomes the natural effect of this beautiful equation!

Join host Gwen Shamblin Lara, M.S., R.D. (founder of Weigh Down and bestselling author of The Weigh Down Diet) and co-host Candace Anger, as they interview special guests Jean Kurtz and Debbie Blair, who have honed in on this “little secret” and have lost all of their excessive weight . . . and have kept it off for many years!

You, too, can follow these simple, yet profound scriptural principles and become free from any and all struggles with food . . . FOREVER!!!

Special Guests: Debbie Blair and Jean Kurtz

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