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Practical Weight Loss Tips for Men
Practical Weight Loss Tips for Men
December 5, 2016
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Jean Kurtz – Weight Loss of 30 Pounds
December 8, 2016

Kent Smith – Weight Loss of 60 Pounds

In 2000 I began a Weigh Down Workshop class. I joined this class because I saw my wife have weight-loss success with Weigh Down after her own twenty years of dieting failures. 

I was always involved in athletics growing up and was a member of the track team all through high school and into college. My weight was controlled through the level of physical training that was required for competition. All that running and training kept me thin regardless of how much I ate, so I never thought about having a weight problem. However, once that part of my life was over and the physical exercise began to diminish I began gaining weight. 

I joined in with my wife on most of her diets to try to get a handle on my overweight condition, but they never worked for me either and I was convinced I just needed to exercise more. As a matter of fact, when I joined Weigh Down I still wasn’t completely convinced that it would work unless I forced myself to exercise too. So with Weigh Down AND exercise I did lose some weight, but couldn’t lose all I needed to. I stubbornly would not let go of the exercise as the key to continuing weight loss and keeping it off. 

After several months of a weight-loss “plateau”, an injury kept me from my running and workout plan which forced me to completely rely on the principles of just Weigh Down. I learned to eat only within the boundaries of physical hunger and fullness and then going to God for the other times I wanted to eat beyond that (not exercise). That is when I finally realized that my exercise plan had still been a distraction that kept me from completely changing my focus to the trust and focus on God I needed. 

Two key statements that Gwen Shamblin used in the seminar that really made a difference for me were: “You fall in love with what you focus on” and “See how little it takes, rather than how much you can get away with”. The end result of this new focus was a 60-pound weight loss without “have-to” exercise or “diet” foods. Our whole family of six now enjoys peaceful mealtimes and contentment in all areas of life! We have PERMANENT freedom from weight/food focus. This program is filled with everything you will need to lose all of your excess weight.

Kent Smith


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Kent Smith – Weight Loss of 60 Pounds

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