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March 19, 2023
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March 21, 2023

What About a Slow Metabolism?

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Some people have been told that if they have been on a lot of diets, taken diet pills, or been on liquid fasts that their metabolism may be altered and their bodies will be resistant to losing weight. To the contrary, we have seen that the minute people start eating less food they lose weight.

Think about it—how could food companies put the calorie count on the side of a package if everyone had a skewed metabolism? Metabolism refers to the amount of energy (or calories) that your body traps from food. Everyone traps 80 calories from a slice of bread— even though some of you feel like you trap 160 calories just by smelling it, while your thin friends can eat 5 slices of bread and trap only 10 calories! It is true that different people need different amounts of food, but this is actually related to how much muscle mass they have. Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue. In other words, it takes more calories to keep a muscle cell active than a brain cell. Your body will accurately call for the needed amounts of oxygen and calories that you personally need.

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