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How to Stay Motivated for Lasting Weight Loss
April 17, 2023
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April 19, 2023

The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss

The best things to fill your time and mind with are selfless things. Jesus Christ spent His life focusing on the will of God. All other preoccupations could send you right back into self and selfish desires. Jesus implied that He was not focused on physical food. “My food is to do the will of the Father and to finish His work.” To refocus is the key to ending the head or heart hunger. Then it is practice, practice, and concentration to go back to eating only when the stomach growls. The faster you change your focus and your eyes and ears off the food and onto God—the faster you will lose the weight!

Do not think that this will be impossible for you because “you like food so much.” It is NOT impossible for your heart to have a makeover! The early Christians called it a “conversion.” It is simply a choice of where you put your focus—that is what affects your heart. As you focus less on food, it will become less interesting to you, and God will become more and more interesting! The more time you spend in the Bible and reading WeighDown materials, instead of opening the pantry or the refrigerator, the more you will crave learning more about God and Christ. Replace the hidden stashes of food with the truths you learn in WeighDown and in the Word—write them everywhere—on your phone, computer, mirrors, in the fridge, etc.

The more you think about God, sing to Him and praise Him, the more you will feel passion for Him. As God becomes your highest interest in life, the love for food will disappear! You can be permanently thin, permanently free of tobacco, permanently free of the love of material possessions, attention, alcohol, pornography, and any idols on Earth!


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