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October 9, 2021
Weigh Down Works by Gwen Lara
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October 11, 2021

Pray about Everything!

Weigh Down Works by Gwen Lara

Pray about everything! You cannot have a relationship with God without talking to Him. We all want and need to be praying all the time—praying without ceasing.[I Thessalonians 5:17] I pray when I go to bed. I pray in the middle of the night, and I pray the first thing when I get up because God is my morning, noon, and night. Everything reminds me of God. I can remember what it was like when everything reminded me of food. I thought about food all the time. But once I turned my attention from food to God, my prayers were answered more and more. I search and look and pray to find His lead when looking for truth, when needing help with clothes, when walking down the steps, and before I speak. I pray for relationships, and I ask God to move other people to find Him.


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