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October 3, 2022
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October 5, 2022

It Starts in the Heart

God Fearing Families Book

How do we pass this God-first way of life down to our children? It starts in the heart. Each of us must lovingly fear God above all. This respect can be seen in your conversation—from the abundance of the heart, so the mouth will speak. What is the conversation in your home? That conversation is a barometer of how much loving fear you have. When you have it, you will speak it to the family and then to the children and to the grandchildren. Children will respect what you respect, and they will worship what you worship, and they will adore what you adore. If you are into self, they too will adore themselves in various ways. This worship of self, even in the smallest ways, breaks up, divides and destroys—first that person…and then their family.

When you consider God and His Creation, and that is what your mind is focused on, it becomes easy to build up His Kingdom. God is a genius, so it is easy—He is worthy of all our admiration! And from this fear and adoration comes a most esteemed wisdom for everyone in the family from the oldest to the youngest.


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