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November 30, 2022
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December 2, 2022

Ending the Cycle by Stopping the Gimmicks

Weigh Down Revolution

We can end the cycle of holiday weight gain forever!  But it takes focus on that one thing, staying in His boundaries of hunger and fullness. People who are losing weight are dropping the distractions, stopping the dieting and ending the gimmicks. They are waiting for true stomach hunger, and when it comes, they are getting what God is leading—no more gimmicks with the food or dieting. We have to stop that to end the panic, the fears and the binge eating. There is no way to end binge eating unless you stop the gimmicks. You have to figure out what it is that you have really been longing for. And maybe it is breakfast, but you have been skipping it for years…so all morning long you are drinking coffee, but your body did not want that coffee. You were drinking it to try to ward off hunger, then eating lettuce for lunch and trying to save up your hunger for the evening…but you were miserable skipping all of those hungers. You are going thru these panic stages of not giving your body or your heart what it really wanted. It creates a tension that builds inside of you because you are never satisfying anything. It would be like the person never being able to sleep when they are sleepy—or never getting to breathe when they need air. It is a panic that comes over you. And it will never go away as long as you are in control. You do not realize that the very thing you are doing to try to speed up weight loss is the very thing that is messing you up. You are the one in control.


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