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May 18, 2023
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May 20, 2023

Excessive Food is a False Friend

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Let us start by exposing the false god, this master, this friend called food. Just how good of a friend has excessive food been to us? (Note: Our daily allotted food is not a false god—we are referring to excessive food.)

Does overeating help our finances? No, it robs us. It is expensive to keep eating extra calories every day. Diet programs have emptied our savings accounts as well. Does it help us with our clothing? No, we tend to find less and less to wear as we find ourselves obeying food more and more. Does it help us with our self-esteem? No, the more the excessive food is a friend to us, the more it gathers on our hips and in other locations of the body, and the more our self-esteem drops. Does it help us with our relationships? No, it seems to put a wedge between us and our family or spouse.

Again, extra food turns out to be a false friend and a parasitic leech that robs us of our time, passion, finances, devotion, peace, and self-esteem. It is a false master, a false friend, or a false god that leaves us with increasing troubles, guilt, emotional deprivation, and physical ailments.

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