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September 20, 2023
Weigh Down Revolution
The Pain of the Past
September 22, 2023

The Path to Success

Weigh Down Revolution

How do you return to that success you experienced in the first two weeks of WeighDown? What was going on then? You focused all day only on God with no gimmicks. The gimmicks that you might have picked up after Week Three of your original class that then diverted your all-essential focus. You wanted to speed up the weight loss, so you mixed dieting (man-made rules) in with God’s simple focus, and so you lost your focus. When you take your mind off of God’s will of hunger and fullness inside of you, the next thing you know you are back to nightly bingeing or the all-day nibbling and grazing and decisions outside of you. We are not going to do that again.

How do we return to those glorious first two weeks of WeighDown that I know that you did so well in? You focus up…and if you get off focus, you use your memory and remember the glorious feeling of losing all that weight. There is nothing like it. You feel so sky-high with God and so sky-high with mankind, you do not even care if someone yells at you or is mean to you—it would not burst your new bubble of focus and hope. The Zone of only eating when hungry and stopping at full gives you spiritual hope and boundless physical energy.

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