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March 2, 2023
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March 4, 2023

The World Will Never Fill up Your Heart

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When we binge or graze without having any physiological hunger, we are looking for a feeling. Looking for a feeling is not wrong. God is the Creator of you and the Creator of feelings—therefore, it is okay to indulge—but it is God giving you this indulgence. The Lord provided hunger and marriage and finances—but it all must be in His boundaries with His guiding hand. If you go to the physical world or anything in or on this world for the feeling of comfort, fulfillment, love, or control, you may get it temporarily. But eventually it will disappear and leave you with an even larger gnawing, longing, wanton need than you had before.

The world cannot satisfy. This is true if you go after the intoxicated feeling, the self-focused feeling, the feeling of sexual lust, the tobacco feeling, the materialistic feeling, or the craving of the praise of people feeling. We are overdoing it—we expect sensual indulgence at every meal while most of the world gets rice for breakfast, lunch and supper. Humility is expecting nothing from anyone or anything. We need to practice humility.

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