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June 24, 2023
Thank You, God
June 26, 2023

The Scales are Just a Tool

Weigh Down Revolution

Many of you have struggled with the scales—with a fear of weigh­ing, a fear of the “number” and a panic to get a certain size or weight. You can now let go of that forever! The scales are just a tool; they are not your judge and not to be your god. Getting in tune to hunger and full­ness and a reliance on God is what you are looking for! The scales will just help you see if you are off track and help you fine tune your eating.

Tuning into the growl is everything. It is a Connection to God and His lead. A “growl” is the physical feeling of hunger. It can be acid on your stomach, but the more you are actually able to hear it, especially at the end of the day, the better off you are going to be. Try to really get to where you are not guessing it is hunger, you KNOW you are really hungry. There is going to be noth­ing like it, followed by getting up the next day and weighing less than you did the day before. It is so fun!


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