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Gwen Shamblin - History of the Love of God Book
The Beautiful Refiner’s Fire
September 7, 2021
Gwen Shamblin - History of the Love of God Book
An Unbelievable Love Story
September 9, 2021

The world has many questions…does God exist, is God loving, is God personal…and beyond a shadow of a doubt I give a resounding “YES!” to all these questions because of the fruit.  When you see the first person healed it is amazing, then the second and third…astonishing, then when you see thousands and hear of millions, you become a believer that God is working thru the Remnant of Believers to the extended community. After witnessing what I have witnessed—thousands of miraculous turnarounds, healed lives, restored marriages—I can say with authority that God is bringing back a revival of healing thru Love. I testify to constant peace and happiness. I have found this love and it is a real feeling of inexpressible joy that—believe it or not—grows more each year, which is proof that not only does God exist, but He loves. and He can fill this empty, longing need that, when unfilled, causes great grief and crime and pain in the world.

I can truthfully say that I am more in love with God today than I was yesterday and this spills over to more love, mercy and empathy for my fellow man each day. The ultimate result is a strong desire to live and live forever. Perhaps it could be described as liquid joy.

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