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Finding the Exhilaration that Comes from the Transfer of Your Focus
April 13, 2023
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How to Build Your Faith
April 15, 2023

The Only Motivation that Lasts

Weigh Down Works

You are never going to lose ALL the weight until you finally say, “I am not having a relationship with that food anymore!” Flee it! Turn around and say “NO!” and make a decision to have a relationship with God instead. God is begging you for a relationship. Do not run back to the relationship with food.

Just going through the motions—cutting the food in half and eating on small plates—will not reform your devotion to food. You need to transfer your love to the God of the Universe who deserves your love. You will not lose weight for yourself or your own health; you will not be motivated to lose the weight for your children or your spouse. The loving fear of God is the only motivation that is strong enough to cause you to completely be converted. This transfer will come from you understanding that God requires this love for Him. God can help you get a new heart for Him. Just pray.


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