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February 25, 2023
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How to Stop Binge Eating

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It does not take binge eaters long to learn that the faster they eat, the more food they can get down before it is too painful. But what they forget is how bad they feel in an hour and for the rest of the night. It is a painful, miserable, guilty, hopeless feeling that gives you bad dreams and restless nights and a depressing morning—not to mention that you cannot find anything to wear which makes you late with the kids, late to work—and self-conscious all day. The best advice is to take notes on how badly you have felt over the years, and to slow down and search for this comfortable, high-energy stopping point of just enough. With practice, you will no longer want to feel sluggish, experience heartburn or indigestion that comes from overeating, nor deal with any of the uncomfortable consequences that come from this incorrect indulgence. You are now back in touch with the pain of overeating. Likewise, you are now concentrating on your incredibly delightful, painless, no-guilt, high-energy life and the blessings that come with it. When you take note of the contrast, it gives you the impetus you need for ending this binge eating. Overeating is the source of most diseases, and it does cause premature death. This new way of eating will give you optimum health; this is in contrast to the adverse effects that your past gluttony and speed-eating have had on your health.


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