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November 11, 2022
Weigh Down Revolution
How Does it Look to Follow God’s Lead with Food?
November 13, 2022

No More Dieting!

Weigh Down Revolution

Praise God that you will follow His will and eat regular foods for the rest of your life. When you deny God and what He has programmed inside of you, you will become ravenous again and lustful for food. On the other hand, you will wind up eating less when you are not dieting and no longer craving foods you have denied yourself that were programmed inside you by God. We cannot resist God’s will. Now here is one more change that is essential but wonderful in the end. You must let go of your love for food and end your lust for when you want it—such as just waiting to the end of day for food at night. Controllers skip meals so they can binge later in the day. Start over! Practice keeping your mind completely focused on hunger and fullness by praying to God thru Christ’s name at all times. That is all you focus on. It may be hunger in the morning and not in the evening, but you will be rewarded with high energy, no pain, no guilt and weight loss. It will stabilize your blood sugars and you will feel more spiritual energy with no guilt. That is the secret. This is how others get up and volunteer to go serve someone else. No wonder they have been running circles around you—now you will be running circles around others!

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