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The World Will Never Fill up Your Heart
March 3, 2022
Weigh Down Works
How to Truly Fill Up Your Heart
March 5, 2022

How to Stop Feeling Hungry All the Time

Weigh Down Works

After you taste the world and its pleasures, you are empty and you are left in need again. You become even more out of control and desperate. But this is when you should “transfer”…when you feed your longing soul with a search for your Creator, His will, and His personality instead of your sensual desires—and when you experiment with talking to Him, doing things His way, getting your prayers answered because you did things His way, trusting Him, and liking Him—then you finally fall in love with Him. Love for the Lord God Almighty fills your heart, and the old empty feeling leaves permanently!

You start to feel satiated, fulfilled, not so “hungry” anymore. Panic disorders disappear and anger dissipates. Your “making it happen” goals are not needed as you simply look to God to make it happen. He answers prayers.

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