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November 19, 2021
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November 21, 2021

The best visual is that God is a huge Star of Love. His love can travel on love waves into the heart of man and is dispersed thru humans. It is far faster than the thrust of a jet, far warmer than the combustion of fuel, from a more sure and distant Source than solar energy. Unlike petroleum, electricity or fuel, love is free. Love is the greatest power to capture and disseminate on Earth, but this is not talked about or studied, nor has it ever been on the statement of faith of any religion except when you find the rare Remnant of the Church that Jesus began. I certainly feel inadequate to write about such a subject, but hopefully in showing its absence and perceived lack of importance, it will elevate Love in all of us. It is what God has been trying to get thru to man all along—that His goals, His ambition, His direction, His future of forever is a City of loving Angels with no bad attitudes.

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