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God Fearing Families Book
A Family and Super Community of Love
October 7, 2022
God Fearing Families Book
This is Possible for Your Family!
October 9, 2022

A Kingdom of Pure Love

God Fearing Families Book

Think about this: God is building a Kingdom based on Pure Love, and the most powerful, influential substance in all the world is love. But this Kingdom can only be accomplished by separation—disconnecting the beautiful, the positive, the warm, the endearing, the delightful emotions and spirits, and completely severing them from the worst hateful emotions in the world. As a result, this society is beautiful at all times, kind at every moment, gentle all day long. This loving community is trained up in polished manners, showing respect for each creation of God, living purposely to help others with a clear understanding and motive that our reward is a relationship with God and building up God’s Kingdom of Love. May our families also be known as God-fearing families made up of God-fearing men, women and children who treasure their assigned roles and live to promote this beautiful Kingdom.

In the Kingdom of Love, these children are educated in the love of God first, and then the respect for others next. They are cultured, as a well-informed Royal Priesthood of Believers—living to adore and serve the only Being that matters, the Glorious GOD of the Universe. He is the Leader of this life-force that is free of any evil. He is the One and only Source; He is the only Intelligence and Brain behind this Super Community of Love. This Lord God Almighty is the true King, the true Czar, the true President, Emperor, Monarch, the only One who matters. He is the only Sovereign who was here from the beginning and the only Being that will live forever. He is the only Being that can create other life forms, the only Source that can extend life on Earth and then have life exist forever and ever and ever.


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