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God Fearing Families Book
It Starts in the Heart
October 16, 2022
God Fearing Families Book
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October 18, 2022

A Wonder-Filled Respect and Fear of the Lord

God Fearing Families Book

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

By considering God with wonder-filled fear and awe, we will automatically find this wisdom and this knowledge of God, which is priceless! This fear of God is natural in the beginning of a child’s life if the parent encourages it from birth and does not suffocate this fear of God with their own selfish ambitions on this Earth. God had the Israelites live very simply in life, living in tents where the doors opened facing the Presence of God Himself in the Most Holy of Holies at the center of the camp in the Tent of Tabernacle. Imagine growing up in that way…waking up and facing God every day, with a family that is getting up and praying to God first thing in the morning, worshiping Him and praying to God throughout the day, living simply, waiting for the word from Moses, which would give the direction from God, watching the fire at night to go to sleep knowing that this warm, loving protection was over each family and each tribe in that cold night…then sleeping in peace and waking to the precious cloud by day that kept them cool and protected them from the heat of the sun. How wise will be the children raised up in this atmosphere! What is more, in God’s genius, He rewards those who adoringly fear Him and give Him their love, time, respect and attention. Bottom line, those families who give their lives to this wondrous God will be rewarded.


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