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September 14, 2023
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Love is the Answer

Weigh Down Works by Gwen Lara

There are many passages that refer to being completely obedient in the Bible. Think again about the example of a soldier in the army. If a private only obeys 9 out of the 10 things that the lieutenant officer asks him to do, is he obedient and under authority? The answer is “No.” You have simply obeyed what you decided to obey, and you are over the lieutenant because you trump his decisions. You are put here on this Earth to finally acknowledge if God rules your life or not. There is absolutely only one way to show God if He rules in your heart. Whatever you do on Earth, you would do in Heaven at some point after a few thousand centuries. This desire to rule over God would rear its ugly head and finally undermine God and then try to outdo God.

The concept of surrender could not be done without full love. I want to continue to build on the love of God that has been the underlying, foundational point of the transfer, being born again, and this concept will continue to grow with learning to suffer for God. This love is everything, and it is no different than a mother suffering to birth a child but the suffering brings such joy. God is so gentle in the way He instructs us and corrects us. No human has ever been this longsuffering (which is love) nor patient with you. God is so unselfish in every decision He makes, starting with allowing this Earth to have even one more day of existence. What an expensive, heartripping experiment on God’s behalf to allow life in freewill agents who have basically projected and blamed Him for everything wrong on Earth when it is the greed in mankind that has caused his own demise. Love is the answer. Keep looking inward and see how you could love God and those around you more. God delights in man and he delights in our love for each other—a world of peace with no strife. Slow down and love; slow down looking for more and love; give, be patient and kind and longsuffering. If we could teach the gentleness of God to our children, then we will have hope of a world of love. With this as your purpose, you can easily see how people can give it all up to live for the treasure of Zion, the Kingdom of God in your heart. If we love ourselves more, it completely negates the hope of the City of God on Earth.

If you have not been born again, converted, transformed all the way, you have not surrendered all—you have merely given what you wanted to give, perhaps to lose the weight but not to surrender to the Most High God of All. To get the favor from God Most High, it is all or nothing, because it is how you show God that Heaven rules. This is our purpose and destiny. It is surrender all or nothing to this astonishing and incredible Creator of all!

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