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Being Born Again

What is this essential fundamental that we began discussing yesterday? We must be born again. But to be born again is not a physical thing, but rather a spiritual thing. The concept is as follows: cease controlling your day with food or anything else and follow the lead of God.

Yes! But of course… Jesus said that we cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless we are born again. Why is this not talked about more? What does it mean? Why does something so simple seem impossible to get? It is because this pivotal truth is a fundamental concept that is blocked by a complicated and entangled set of attacks and blocks by the enemy.  Satan’s whole goal is to trip you up from obeying the Spirit of God. Satan does not want you to walk with God hour by hour. Open up your eyes to the fact that an entire evil kingdom is focused: they have one goal for the day, and that is to make sure that you do not hear, see, feel, or find God for the day.

Again, start with the basics. Eat only when you are physiologically hungry and deny all other urges to eat, deny all of your own desires to eat; deny head hunger. Keep it simple. You can only eat when your stomach is hungry, and you can only eat until you are politely satisfied.

Again, God ruling your life in everything and especially in the food intake must be your goal. It is time to be born again. With a full heart and full focus, you can stop obeying yourself and obey God. This is God First AND God Alone! Slow down and turn your worries, interests, and desires toward God, His Kingdom, and His Will.

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