The Legend to the Treasure

A 16-week In-Depth Bible Study
(Pre-requisites: EXODUS Change Class and the Breakthrough Series Class)

Many have had trying times even before the financial woes that are in place today. These difficult times are not just going to turn around overnight. Unexpected financial problems reveal the true character of people, and many in this generation are not prepared either financially or spiritually. What you have treasured is about to be revealed. This stress can hit so hard that it quickly affects the weak points of a marriage or mental stability. You will see more depression and divorces and anger and people making desperate decisions. How are you going to hangle the upcoming inflation and even greater depression? Are you prepared? Are your family members prepared?

There are many people who will tell you that they can help, but what you truly need is THE TRUTH and THE ANSWERS. You do not need one more organization that uses you but leaves you uinchanged and still hopeless. Truth should set you free!

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THE LEGEND TO THE TREASURE is the answer. This is a comprehensive look at where we are and where we are going: this country, the world, and the Church. It is also an in-depth study of our own life "compass" and direction. Most of us need to change and turn our ships around quickly.  Please read the excerpts, view the preview below and be encouraged that you really can turn your life around.  Without a doubt, this 16-week class will lead you to the answers you have been searching for your whole life...permanently getting your ship in the right direction.

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