History of the One True God

History of the One True God by Gwen ShamblinAn In-Depth Study of the Love of God

History of the One True God, In-Depth Study of the Love of God

This moving class will strengthen your relationship with God more than ever. You will have 6 video lessons along with 6 audio class lessons. In addition, you will have access to a downloadable History of the One True God Workbook and reinforcement lessons to keep you focused. If you would like to purchase an additional workbook, click here. There are several ways to take this class. To purchase this as an at-home DVD/CD class, Click here. If you want access to this class and the others on demand, you must be a Weigh Down All Access member. This membership gives you access to all of the classes and resources mentioned above. Once you sign up for All Access, you will be able to take this class as a personal on demand study or you can sign up for a specific class time hosted with a group by a coordinator. If you choose to take it with a group, please see class times listed below. You will sign up for those specific class times once your Weigh Down All Access Membership is complete.

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