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April 15, 2023
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April 17, 2023

Why is it Hard to Stop Eating?

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Why is it hard to stop eating? It is because without the truth that God adores you and wants a relationship with you and is generous…you become a god—and we are bad gods. We just do not know when to stop. When people are overeating, overdrinking, whatever it is, they think they can just “handle it.” Later in life you find out that you cannot “handle it.” When we are trying to be our own gods and making decisions for ourselves, we just think that we are entitled at four o’clock to come home and indulge ourselves in any and every way that we have chosen. Where in the world did we come up with that concept? Perhaps we think everyone else is doing it—we saw our parents take ownership of this “happy hour” of four o’clock to bedtime. We do not deserve anything and we owe our allegiance to the Creator.

God is using this message to help you reconnect with Him. God gives stomach growls as cues for eating, which means we are looking to Him every day, several times a day—and that is just our eating. We will find that we need Him every hour of the day and night! He is a great Shepherd who longs to feed His sheep physically and spiritually—the Good Shepherd who tirelessly looks for the green pastures. If you let go of control and turn to God to lead you and obey Him, you will no longer panic that you are not going to be taken care of. You will not worry that you will never have fun or taste good food or get to eat certain foods again. You will relax and do better each day. Start now with depending on the Ultimate, Perfect Provider.


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