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How to Have a Great Morning
November 3, 2022
God Fearing Families Book
Relying on God
November 5, 2022

Looking to God

God Fearing Families Book

We are continuing the discussion from yesterday on how to have a great morning.

Once you are ready for the day, before you leave the bedroom, you must pray the Lord’s Prayer to be led not into temptation for idols and to be sure you have nothing but forgiveness and mercy and patience for others. In this way, you fulfill the Law and the Prophets and all that God has asked of you.

How is this accomplished? I will give you the Truth from the Word. When you surrender your old life of anger and pick up the new life of love along with a control of the tongue, then you will be able to do what is right that day. So much of it is learning to depend on God rather than man for your bread for the day. Notice the Lord’s Prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” It does not tell you to look to others—such as looking to your employer to give you a satisfying and well-paying job or looking to your siblings to do all the chores or looking to your parents to give you inheritance…but rather, “Dear God, give us this day our daily bread.” We are not to be independent and lean on ourselves and our own smarts, but rather, we are to lean on the Father. That means our real job description is to be childlike.


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