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November 2, 2022
God Fearing Families Book
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November 4, 2022

How to Have a Great Morning

God Fearing Families Book

Etiquette starts in the early morning when you awaken and give glory to God by praising Him for another day and His beautiful sunrise. He has been merciful to allow the world that is so full of evil desires to continue to spin another day. He is doing that in hopes that the lost will find His goodness. We must praise God for His patience and pray to imitate this patience with every human or situation that we come in contact with each day, even to our animals. We awaken with joy, and then we extend joy. If we find it hard to awaken early, then go to bed early, for the evening is less productive and the morning is extremely productive with a lot more time for the Spirit of God to guide you into good for the day.

We must not get out of bed until we pray to live a life that will salt the Earth all day. This prayer is with praise, and then directed love—to bring joy to our fellow man, which is the Kingdom work of God. This joy will come from the heart and give a morning smile to the face and a gentle, quiet, cheerful disposition to all around. For many there will be a need for mercy, patience and service for those around you—knowing that the world is only still in existence because of the extraordinarily deep patience of God.


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