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December 17, 2021
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December 19, 2021

Making the Commitment

To commit to God, you have to let go of control of your eating, spending, lusting, talking, bad habits, jealousy, laziness, etc. People do not realize that they are controlling. Did you wait for hunger—true hunger—every time you ate these past few weeks? When you have been stuck for years and years in any stronghold, your defining characteristic is that you are a controller. Even if you are a sweet one, you are a controller. You have found little ways to look like you are allowing God to lead you, but in reality, you are controlling God and spouse and co-workers and children, etc. Dieting is the opposite of letting go of control. Dieting is a means of controlling your life and bypassing the will of God. That is profound. There is something inside of a person that wants to control. They want to control the people around them, the environment around them, but the whole concept behind Weigh Down in a nutshell is to let go of control and let God lead us. That is the only path to freedom.


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