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February 23, 2022
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How to Eat Out at a Restaurant and Still Lose Weight

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What if you are invited to eat at a restaurant, but do not want to overeat?

Answer: Pray and get prepared, for eating out can be tempting. In the past, you used to order too much and eat it all. This will be different for the rest of your life. Now you will go and be in control for the glory of God—you will order less and eat less and have a carryout or share your food. The good news is that everything is cheaper for the rest of your life, so you will save cash… and be permanently thin!

Do not eat prior to eating out so that you are truly hungry when you arrive. Pick the restaurant and choose and order the foods your body seems to want, and now you may eat hamburgers and French fries, etc. But beware, Americans are served very large volumes of food; therefore, cut all the food in half or smaller. Sometimes half of a slider will do! Ask the server for a carryout at the beginning of the meal and put half in the carryout as soon as you receive your order so you can get it out of sight. Our experience is that you may feel the full feeling even before you finish the first half. Assure the server that the food was wonderful, or he may worry that you were not pleased and therefore worry about the tip. Take the carryout home. If you can, eat it the next time you feel hungry, or you can give it to a family member. Keep reminding yourself that the restaurant will be there for the rest of your life, the food is not going to disappear, and that your next hunger will come before long.

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