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January 13, 2023
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January 15, 2023

How to Wait for True Hunger

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We need to relearn how to feed the stomach only when it is hungry. You first need to wait – wait for true stomach hunger. Waiting for stomach hunger will be like waiting for the “E” or empty on an automobile fuel gauge. The stomach is a pouch made out of three layers of muscles, and it is located right below your sternum bone or chest bone. The top of the stomach lies against the diaphragm, and lying behind the stomach is the pancreas. This feeling of true stomach signals we are looking for is a small, burning, empty, hollow sensation that occurs several hours after the last meal. If you have just binged, then it may be as much as a day later. When you are obese or more than 25 percent over your ideal body weight, then the feeling is not very strong. Your body does not want much food when you are overweight; the body will guide you to eat very small amounts each day until you have lost all the weight. When using emptiness and fullness, the body is breaking down the stored fat and using it for fuel. Praise God! You are losing unwanted fat cells every time you are waiting and pushing away from food until your stomach growls. If you are not sure that the sensation that you are feeling is the body’s signal to eat, just wait a little longer. You are going to feel light and happy while you are waiting for hunger.


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