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January 9, 2023
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January 11, 2023

Will Weigh Down Work for Me?

Weigh Down Works

A major concern in starting WeighDown may be “How can this work for me?” because: 1) “I am not particularly religious anymore” and “I feel a distance between me and God because I have been told this is a chronic disease or genetic and I see no cure,” or 2) “I have tried every diet 10 times, every diet pill and exercise, and failed miserably—so how can this work?” What we are really asking is… “Am I a failure? Has God forgotten me?” Well, you are not a failure, it is not genetic, and the Heavenly Father is not sabotaging you, and everyone is religious in that we are all bowing down to something or someone. Religion is simply what we adore or worship—what makes our pulse rate go up when we think about it, whether it be food, alcohol, tobacco, sports, computer games, TV, lusts, hobbies, the pursuit of fortune, etc. We are giving our heart and soul over to people or praise of man. Mankind tends—without intervention—to make the huge mistake of running after the created over the Creator.

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