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God Fearing Families Book
Relying on God
November 5, 2022
God Fearing Families Book
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November 7, 2022

How to Have Peace and a Grateful Heart

God Fearing Families Book

When we depend on God and Christ for all things every minute of the day—with any obstacles, with any oppositions, with any hardships—then we will not project and cause a problem by blaming others. We will be at peace. And when you learn to do these things, you will have graduated from the hardest and most difficult subject in the school of life. There is no university that could assist your life or eternal life more than this training. This topic must be the reminder on every cell phone or device or on every sheet of paper. To have proper behavior and etiquette, you must pray without ceasing…all day long. And when you do this, you give your first frustrations of the day and your last frustrations of the day to God in the name of Jesus Christ. In doing this, you will watch all anxiousness and frustration and fears leave because God is working and answering your prayers thru Jesus Christ. He is taking care of everything. This turns your worry into ecstatic joy because you have the Most Powerful Creator out there working for you and taking care of everything.

To get God’s Spirit and then depend on Him hour by hour will clean you up on the inside. It will end complaining and anger. Look to Him, and all concerns will be resolved, and then all of these behaviors you have been trying to stop will disappear.


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