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Finding Ways of Escape
March 31, 2023
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You are Special to the Heavens
April 2, 2023

God Wants Your Devotion

Weigh Down Works

Some of the ways of escape that people share are humorous. But I believe that God has a great sense of humor, and He enjoys these creative quests as much as you do. God will go to great lengths to help us on this journey, and it is humbling to realize that He cares so much to provide us with these second, and sometimes third, chances to obey. Unfortunately, we can be stubborn and determined to eat anyway… that is when you heed the warnings that curses come for those who stubbornly disobey.

God is helping you get away from the food and run to Him instead; He actually wants your devotion and is a Jealous God, so He eliminates His competition.

We all have our “testing times” where we are tempted to eat for emotional reasons—the pain of life, stressful situations, times of boredom, times of sickness, and even times of celebration. You are going to have to surrender those times of eating, knowing that the end result will be SO much better!

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