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Ways of Escape
March 30, 2023
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April 1, 2023

Finding Ways of Escape

Weigh Down Works

The ways of escape God sends us seem to fall into four categories.

First, there are escapes that allow you to be distracted from the food, like children needing you, phone calls that interrupt you, or guests that drop in unexpectedly.

A second category is having something wrong with the food as your way of escape—the “disgusting” category—it falls to the ground, the cat licks it, you discover it is moldy, etc.

The third category is the food is just not available—the “dislocated” category—the waitress brings out the wrong food or forgets your order.

The fourth category of escape is the fact that we sometimes cannot get to the food—the “disabled” category. I can remember spending an inordinate amount of time trying to open a jar of fudge ice cream topping once. It had never been that hard to open a jar before!

Suddenly it occurred to me that this was my way of escape and that I could wait a little longer to eat. Another example… the bag of chips is empty when you reach for it—when you know you are not hungry—or you open the bag and all the chips fall to the floor.

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