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May 20, 2023
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May 22, 2023

Are Processed Foods Okay?

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The liver is a chemical factory that is capable of turning what you eat into the substances your body needs. If you happen to swallow a trace amount of a chemical that the body does not like, such as a pesticide, then the liver traps it and breaks it down, preventing it from entering your normal bloodstream or damaging your liver. But the usable food particles are passed on by your liver to the heart, where they will be pumped all over the body.

Your body is designed to take care of itself, and you do not have to worry whether food is processed or not. Your body will break down any chemicals in processed foods (most of which are usable by the body, i.e. vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.), and your liver will filter any harmful substances. Keep in mind that the Israelites, God’s people, ate processed foods. In Leviticus 2, they used the most finely ground flour, fats, and salts to make bread, which is very similar to our present-day Frito. The world will condemn fats, however, fats were made by God to carry the aroma, and without them it would be impossible to swallow foods. Fats are an essential nutrient for good health.


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