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August 8, 2023
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August 10, 2023

What to do about “Binge Foods”

Weigh Down Works

If you have had trouble with sweets all your life and you are still bingeing out, it is because you are focused on them to a fault. God made your taste buds. He made you, and He designed you to have likes and dislikes. He knows what your preferences are, so do not be afraid to have favorites, even if they sound as if they are fattening. Do you have a particular favorite food that you seem to have struggled with more than others? What is it? Chocolate, doughnuts, homemade bread? It is not unusual for a particular food to be one that involves years of conflict. Maybe it is a food that you have more passion about, maybe one that you have binged on before. You may even find that you can wait for hunger before eating the chocolate, but then stopping is harder. You want to eat it all! Let me reassure you that you can indeed rise above this passion for food, too.

You cannot force free-to-eat-anything populations into monotonous diets because the body will cue them to desire and consume a variety of foods. Thin Eaters in tune to the body will always eat a variety and they do not binge on one food item. More about this next time!


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