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Do Not Put God to the Test
August 7, 2023
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What to do about “Binge Foods”
August 9, 2023

Loving God’s Beautiful Authority

Have you surrendered every bite of food to the lead of the Heavenly Father? Why not? The answer could be anti-authority. We need an understanding and the practice of following the lifestyle of Jesus Christ, who stayed under authority during suffering. Your Savior, Jesus Christ, did not choose His rule, but He chose God’s rule in and up to His final hour.

This practice will be groundbreaking! As you have let go of control, you have begun to rejuvenate this fundamental relationship with God. God is our life. That statement means more to me with each passing day. I love God more and more and depend on His directions more with each passing day. I have only one regret in life and that is that I wish that I could have had a deeper relationship with God at an earlier age. I wish that someone had told me how not to depend on myself anymore so I could have started this dependent relationship even sooner!


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