The Breakthrough Series by Gwen Shamblin

An 8-week class for those who feel stuck or have struggled (Pre-requisite: EXODUS Out of Egypt Change Series Class)

It is time to take personal accountability and responsibility for your condition and go all the way­ giving up any last bit of greed, control, or anti-authority that you have allowed to stay around. There is something inside the heart of men that loves control and wants to control both the things and the people around them. In this series, you will learn how to let go of that control and become completely committed to God ruling your life. You will learn to stop projecting or blaming others or blaming circumstances for your overeating, grazing, bingeing, late-night rendezvous with food, overspending, over-drinking, or other strongholds in your life. You will find your breakthrough moment when you know you are committed to never going back to your old ways of control, to dieting, to controlling your spouse, or to any type of greed for more than you have been given. You will learn how to stop going to food for sensual indulgence, escape, spacing out, a tranquilizing effect, comfort,and so on, and instead start swallowing regular foods only when your stomach growls [a cue for physical hunger].  And the result?...You will find yourself losing weight again!

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