Weigh Down now has Official iPhone, iPad, & Android apps!

Weigh Down App screens

Weigh Down App IconWeighDown All Access to Classes and Truthstream is built in! Weigh Down All Access Membership is a subscription-based service that produces results! Here’s how the Weigh Down app works:

  • Access to all of our classes and hundreds of life-changing audios, videos, and song titles via the internet…all within the App! New titles added each month!
  • The latest talks by founder Gwen Shamblin.
  • Access new material faster – Often get it before it is released on the Weigh Down store.
  • View class videos from each study that Weigh Down offers.
  • Listen to audios in any order, listen to or watch videos as often as you like. No limits!

And beyond WeighDown All Access and Truthstream, the Weigh Down App gives you all of this…

  • Access to participant success tools.
  • Direct access to Weigh Down Chronicles – daily encouragement Posts from founder Gwen Shamblin.
  • Access to live webcasts from www.RemnantFellowship.tv – Remnant Fellowship Church sponsors Weigh Down Ministries. Included at that website are our “You Can Overcome” weekly web show and our Saturday and Wednesday Remnant Fellowship Assemblies webcasts.
  • Access to replays of “You Can Overcome” episodes.
  • Access to WDWB – 24/7 Weigh Down Radio – Online encouragement including Weigh Down lessons, testimonies, music, news, and interviews that play around the clock.

Go back to the approach you had when you were a child…freedom to eat what your body was calling for – only when you were hungry – then STOPPING when you were full. You can do that again…starting now! The Weigh Down App gives you the tools for success with weight and with any of life’s struggles.

 ** Our Weigh Down application plays audio and video over the Internet.  WiFi connections offer the best viewing/listening experience.