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January 21, 2023
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January 23, 2023

You Can Be Free From Dieting

Weigh Down Works

The typical weight-loss program suggests losing weight through diet (large volumes of low-calorie foods) and exercise. We suggest that if you lose the passion for food, the result will be that you eat less food and therefore lose weight permanently. The typical 1950s-2010s approach tried to fix the body or the food but did not address the passion. The Weigh Down approach fixes the heart first, and the body follows. Weigh Down Ministries will instruct and support you on how God can bring us to peace with food—never to return to the nightmare of endless overweight, yo-yo dieting, and “have-to” exercise regimens, but rather to a calm, non-magnetized approach to regular foods with the ability to approach foods such as rich entrees and desserts without losing control. Exercise need no longer be connected to burning calories; instead, it can be an enjoyable activity. You will be free!


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