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A Misplaced Focus on the Body
May 6, 2023
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Transferring Your Concern to the Right Body
May 8, 2023

How to Let Go of Worry

Weigh Down Works

The world may applaud outward beauty, but they are attracted to righteous people who are a light in this world. Jesus had no appearance that men would desire (Isaiah 53:2b), however, look at how the world has flocked to him and his teachings. Jesus taught the love of God first, and then love of man, in that order. It is not about how you look but what you give back—your response to the love you have been given. Tell me, whom do you like to be around? I am sure that the characteristics of the people you enjoy have nothing to do with their looks. So why do you care about what you look like? Let it all go.

How do you rid yourself of that worry? By focusing off of the body and changing your focus onto pleasing God, you will turn all of this around.  If you start over today and praise God for life, for breath, another day to live and a chance to consider others better than yourself, it will turn your world right-side up.

The key is to let go.  Let go and trust and obey. Let go of any selfish desires. Lay it down.  It is not about what anyone has or what they look like; it is not about what they are wearing. People see your heart and are drawn to a heart of love.


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