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February 6, 2023
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February 8, 2023

Redirecting Your Focus to God

If you really want to get out of the slavery of overeating and binge-eating… then change what you focus on and what you listen to. If you redirect your focus, you will modify your desires forever! The transfer from being enslaved to food over to worshiping the Lord is life-changing and amazing! The blessings are countless! It is awesome to use food only for energy—not indulgence—eating only between hunger and fullness. The number of times, amounts, and portions of food you eat per day will be less, so you will feel better and have much more energy to get other needed things done. You will have hope again! Instead of eating, run to your Creator, your Heavenly Father, to fill and fulfill your mind, time, and life. He can do so much better than a binge of food. Weigh Down will help you transfer this desire to eat over to a relationship with God. This will open up a whole new and blessed life. Temptations and spiritual warfare are real—so just stay focused and determined and these times will pass. The clouds will go away and the sunshine will come back out. This is just a part of the test from the Heavens to see if you adore the Creator more than created things. This is life—and the results are wonderful. Hang in there and the results will be better health, a happier outlook, and a more fruitful and blessed life, full of love and joy!


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