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Learning from Example
February 18, 2023
Weigh Down Works
How to Get Thru Your Lunch Hour if You are Not Hungry
February 21, 2023

Learning to Fine Tune Portion Size

Weigh Down Works

Your body knows if you are overweight and, therefore, will typically call for a smaller amount of food if you have excess weight to lose for good health. Observing a Thin Eater who is in control over a 24-hour period is so helpful. Sometimes, in the course of one day, you will eat all of that during one meal. Sometimes you will eat smaller amounts and hunger will occur as many as four times a day. Basically, the smaller the amount of food your body calls for at each hunger, the more times your body will ask for food over the course of the day. Just obey God’s lead thru what YOUR body needs and follow His lead for each meal—your body knows what you need. Also, do not worry about making a mistake. Just commit to immediately starting over by waiting for the next hunger.

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