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How to Transfer Your Focus
April 3, 2023
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Living to Please God
April 5, 2023

How to Make Your Transfer Permanent

Weigh Down Works

You can reverse that old relationship with the all-day-long food focus to an all-day-long dependence on God—where you are listening to God, you are dressing for Him, and you are going to Him for your relationships and your finances. You are going to Him for everything! God’s will and His laws are better than a binge. The Heavenly Father is the True Friend, the True God, be- cause you have your mind back, your time back, your energy back,your finances under control, your relationships returned, and on and on. To transfer means to figure out how much money you were spending and how much time you were spending on planning, lusting, preparing, eating, bingeing, dressing for the food, dreaming of the food, and reading the recipe book, and then to take all that focus, time, energy, love, and passion and turn it toward the ONE TRUE GOD AND HIS KINGDOM. This is the transfer away from the antagonist and back to the true friend. You will then be giving all to a True God who is rich and does not need nor take anything from you. God takes what you give Him, multiplies it, and then He gives it all back to you. The false god takes because it is not an actual resource. The True God needs nothing and owns all things so He does not take, rob, steal, fleece, or drain you, but rather gives to you, lavishes blessings, and fills you up.

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