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November 8, 2022
Weigh Down Revolution
No Worries about Weight or Food Ever Again
November 10, 2022

You CAN Do It!

Weigh Down Revolution

Why is this time going to be different? Because God has prepared your heart. These last attempts are not for naught. God has used the successes and failures to program much information into your mind and soul that will give you victory this time. Thru repetition of God’s WeighDown, you will finally win with Christ. However, beware…with repetition of diets, you get deeper into love of food and dependency on yourself instead of God. You are going the opposite direction—for dependency on and love of God above food is your ultimate purpose. God’s purpose behind your inadequacies was for you to reach out to Him—not the refrigerator, or lust, or money, or man-made gimmicks, or yourself. I am sorry, and I know you have been in pain. God has wept with you and over you. But hold on…for there is good news! And here is the good news: remember that you have been able to focus on God and Christ and off the food and lose weight before. You have tasted 100 percent focus before. We are going to return to how you performed and how you felt in the first two weeks of WeighDown when you initially started, and this time you will stay in it for life—it is something we call “the Zone.” This is no small piece of the puzzle—if you did this before, you can do this again! You have everything you need for life and Godliness with total dependence on God thru Christ. (II Peter 1:3) You have the heart, for you have returned—again…there is nothing wrong with you—you are on the very path God has intended. Praise God, He has done a mighty work for you!

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