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May 4, 2023
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May 6, 2023

You are Not a Failure

Weigh Down Works

You are not a failure—no one can maintain man-made rules for any length of time because they run against the body’s natural eating, and underneath they are increasing the self-focus and greed. It is inevitable that you will eat more and gain more in the end! Failing at man-made rules takes the wind out of you, and you feel like you cannot stop this lust, but you can and must put greed to death.

Only God’s rules can have truly permanent results: permanent because they get you off of self and selfish desires, and they teach you denial, self-sacrifice, selflessness, and give you God’s Spirit, which is self-control. Notice that WeighDown, which promotes God’s rules, has the most genuine and successful statistics of permanent weight loss. The results have been so far beyond the man-made diet results that they do not even come close—it is phenomenal. It is God’s rules and the truth, which Christ lived and taught. You have felt like a failure on your diets, but you had no idea that diets—much like false churches—were feeding the root problem of obesity and other indulgences, while slowly but surely making you estranged from God.

Now you know. The longer you diet, the harder it is to transfer this love of food over to a love for God. But by constant choice, calling to God, through the Name of Christ, it can be done! You can overcome.


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