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March 25, 2023
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Two Senses that Affect Weight Loss

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Imagine being free of worrying about lusts, wealth, pride, praise of man—free of tobacco, alcohol, food, man-made food rules, and their impossible procedures. You are free to be devoted to Him, while enjoying His wonderful foods when your body is hungry – to eat like you did when you were a child—eating only when you were hungry, eating regular foods, and not thinking about food unless you were hungry. Remember back to the time when you would rather play than eat!

There are two senses used for either weight loss or weight gain. The senses are so influential to your life that they could either take you down the right path or the wrong path. If you go down the right path, you will be like a child again—focused on God and dependent on Him—free from your own devices.

Sense 1: The Physical EYES or Mental “FOCUS.”

What is meant by “eyes” or “focus” is what you see physically or mentally. What your eyes focus on fills your mind and your heart and eventually your life. We pass our idols, or what we adore, down to our children. You could have simply focused on what your parents focused on. You are not born this way. It grows over the years until a person becomes focused primarily on food when they enter a room, a house, their workplace, or even their car—they have their own secret food stashes. Overeaters hide the food in secret places—the bedroom, the closet, and their purse. People who are food focused eventually dream about it at night. I have known of sleepwalkers who wake up and have chicken bones on their chest.

Sense 2: The Physical EARS or Spiritual Voices.

Think about your senses… do you find yourself being in tune to the popcorn popping or the bacon sizzling? The ears of the idolater are tuned to its idol—if cigarettes, then the smell and sound of the package of tobacco, the TV commercials that advertise electronic cigarettes, the cigarette machines, etc. If it is food, they are tuned into pictures of food, magazines with new diets, restaurants, and food shows. Their ears perk up to conversations on food and dieting.


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