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May 8, 2023
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May 10, 2023

Ideal Body Weight

The body is amazingly made; you are amazingly made. God designed all of us in His image, but each body is quite unique. Again, what the ideal body weight is for one person is not the ideal body weight for another. God designed our systems so efficiently that when you eat according to hunger and fullness, your body will naturally go to a slender size that is perfect for you and remain there. Your body knows when its reserves have all been used up, and your hunger sensation either will come more often or will require more food before being satisfied. It is important not to focus on a specific weight. It is also important not to skip hunger signs. Continually ignoring the signal that your body needs to eat is as harmful as overeating. It can lead to trying to maintain a body weight that is too thin and not healthy. As long as you are obedient to hunger and fullness, your body will reach and maintain the weight that God intends for you.


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