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November 12, 2022
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November 14, 2022

How Does it Look to Follow God’s Lead with Food?

Weigh Down Revolution

Every day, you get up and focus on God with prayer and praise and listening inside—when the stomach is growling, you approach the food with prayer and thankfulness. You eat and become satisfied and do not think about food until you feel empty again. No more bypassing hunger—let go of control, and you will be rewarded with energy. You will not be lethargically sitting there just waiting all morning until that lunch hour or for 3 o’clock in the afternoon when you start eating what you have chosen, and then you eat thru the evening. Controlling God and His will brings curses—you are tired and exhausted. Acknowledge that it is not your body. You are renting this body out, and you should take care of it because it houses the Holy Spirit of God.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner does not have to be a five-course meal…you may not need as much each meal, and then if you get hungry again later, you can have the next meal. For years you have grown in love with food by skipping growls and lusting and hiding chocolates or other favorite foods. Bottom line, God offers you a whole new life that is based on getting the maximum energy out of the day thru obedience and a Connection with Him. The results are phenomenal! When you are full for the day, shut the kitchen down in your mind.

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