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What Should I Drink for Weight Loss Success?
January 12, 2023
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How to Wait for True Hunger
January 14, 2023

The Key to Good Health

Weigh Down Works

The Genius Biochemist designed the body in such a brilliant way! We must pay attention like never before to all the internal cues and especially the hunger mechanism, since ignoring this is related to all major diseases and death. Ignoring hunger and fullness is the single most related factor to premature or early death. It is so harmful to ignore it one way or the other—either too little or too much—that it affects your life span. God has made our bodies to work perfectly and give us maximum life span if we listen, pay attention, heed, and concentrate. We should be like all the animals who go to bed each night at the hour the Creator gives them, who wake up each day with the lead of God, and who look to the Creator for each meal. You cannot help but observe how happy and cheerful and peaceful all of creation is! By following this lead closely and not allowing yourself to feel pressured to eat from any other source, you will have more energy and more time than you have ever had while you are waiting for the body to call for food.


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