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Gwen Shamblin Lara -God-Fearing Families Book
It Takes Love
December 5, 2021
God Fearing Families Book
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December 7, 2021

The New Jerusalem

God Fearing Families Book

The Kingdom of Love could be best described as people who give and give again and then give again; and when they think they cannot give any more, they GIVE, to both God and to man. This creates the Super Community founded on Christ. God is gathering a Kingdom of pure adoration, a Kingdom of Saints, and a Holy Royal Priesthood of childlike hearts who have focused on Christ so much that they are altogether different, born again with sacrificial love. You have a Community of childlike hearts, so there is singing and dancing, and no one is afraid that they will be judged. There is no back-biting, snide remarks or competition, as everyone wants the best for each other and considers others better than themselves. In the absence of self-focus, a miracle happens—liberty abounds. It is the definition of popular; everyone wants their company and a community like that because it is a constant encouragement. Instead of leaving downcast, you leave filled up.


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